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WatchMeGrow currently operates as a ​streaming video camera system for schools and childcare centers with the mission of increasing transparency and keeping families connected. With the goal of expanding their reach into the adult and senior care market, we were tasked with providing WatchMeGrow with validated research and a plan to enter the senior market while providing value add to all stakeholders: the participants, families, facilities, and WatchMeGrow.


Market Research, User Research, Service Design




16 weeks

User Research
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Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 2.02.14 PM.png
meeting the caretakers

Caretakers are the family members or friends of the elderly who are involved in

their day-to-daycare.

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Insight Generation
Key Insights

Support systems are aimed at alleviating stress, but 24/7 access may result in stress-inducing, unintended consequences.

Technology has the ability to reduce the feeling of helplessness that can plague caretakers when needing to be involved, but there is a sweet spot so that it also improves patient well-being

Traditional tech monitoring increases staff accountability but can create mistrust and dissatisfaction.

value proposition

WatchMeGrow is uniquely positioned to address each stakeholders’ needs by:

Senior Patient with Walker

Senior Facilities

Providing an opportunity to reduce negative and overwhelming interactions with family members.

Assisting the Elder

Family Caretaker

Providing peace of mind and the feeling that they are still in charge of their loved one’s care.

Playing Chess

Elderly Receiving Care

Providing outlets for accountability of care when the elder is unable to advocate for themself.

Barriers to Entry
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recommendations for market entry

Adult Daycare Centers

In addition to the adult day care industry being in the growth stage of its life cycle, these centers offer fewer concerns around monitoring personal bedrooms/bathrooms and less pushback from facility management and staff




Memory Care facilities have the largest need for monitoring services and deliver the best value add for the family members who are the main decision makers when choosing and enrolling their loved ones into these facilities. 


Senior Living Affiliations

It's recommended to look at adult daycare centers that have current affiliations with 24/7 senior living facilities. This will allow for an easy shift into senior living once the trust and benefits are realized within the adult daycare center. 


Geographic Concentration

The highest concentration of adult daycare centers is in 6 states CA, NY, MO, TX, PA, FL) and the largest overlap between these states and WatchMeGrows capabilities exist in Texas and Florida.

How might WatchMeGrow aid adult daycare centers in providing caretakers genuine peace of mind without threatening facility or staff professionalism?


Bonus: How might WatchMeGrow facilitate desired connection and promote the value of transparency through these efforts?

product feature considerations

Dashboard feature designed to help family members and elderly interact with footage.

Family members opt-in to be sent randomized snap shots during each program point.

Develop automatic selection of randomized video moments.

Families and staff have access to collection of snapshot moments.

Prototype: Caretaker Dashboard
Snapshots in Practice
Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 2.53.33 PM.png

Looking at old pictures can help elicit memories, feelings, and even senses.

The act of reminiscing can help evoke positive memories and calming feelings and can even reduce feelings of stress and agitation.


Looking at old photos can also have other benefits, such as reducing isolation, starting meaningful conversations, and even improving cognitive abilities.

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