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Scoot Scoot

In addressing the common pain points of navigation and feeling unsafe on roads while using public electric scooters, I designed a digital and physical prototype providing riders with the ability to easily and safely navigate to their location through optimizing the best route based on road condition and ride time. 


User Research, Prototyping, UX/UI Design, Visual Brand Identity


Case Study


8 Weeks

What users said

"I blew out a tire to my scooter, actually last week because I had a pothole going 30 miles per hour, right. So it's really dangerous. You're sharing the road with cars. You have the potholes. You know that risk is there."
current state

Through user research, I storyboarded the current state of using a public electric scooter on the streets of Baltimore. These storyboards detailed the current state for many riders. A common situation surfacing was when the first scooter located may not work properly which results in an additional charge and the need to find a second scooter to get to your destination. 

Transportation_ As-is 1.jpg
Transportation_ As-is 1.jpg
Transportation_ As-is 1.jpg
Transportation - As-Is 2.jpg
How might we aid riders in finding the most convenient transportation for their personal route?
compounding frustrations

A large learning from talking with users was that it wasn't one issue causing all the frustration around scooter riding. Instead, it was a build up of compounding frustrations frequently occurring one after the other during a user's single journey when using a scooter.

No Scooters

Close By

Beyond 2 blocks away from location or requires negative


Scooter Doesn’t

Operate Correctly

After scanning, scooter does not operate correctly and is unrideable.

Find a

Different Scooter

Results in going further out of the way to find another scooter.


No clear route indicating efficiency or safety.




The convenience of scooters is negated by these compounding frustrations.

Ideation and Future State Storyboards
Transportation - Frame 5 (1).jpg
Transportation - Frame 4 (1).jpg
Transportation - Solution 1.jpg

Through many iterations and feedback rounds, I explored a solution of an app interface recommending the most convenient scooter and route for a user to get to their destination. An integration between the app and the scooter would provide projected navigation signals such as arrows and audio directions for a hands-free navigation experience. 

Initial Wireframes
Scoot Scoot Prototype - Frame 1 (1).jpg
Prototyping Assignment 4.png
Prototyping Assignment 4 (1).png
initial revisions

Initial wireframe revisions included 1) adding a forced preferences screen where users are asked to set scooter, route and parking preferences, 2) aggregating all scooter brand options and recommending the one most convenient scooter for the user and route, 3) providing estimated trip total cost as the user provides their destination and 4) integrating a tutorial of the physical navigation features such projected arrows and audio directions.

Scoot Scoot Final Presentation .png
User Flow Exploration
Scoot Scoot Prototype - User Flow.jpg
prototype user testing

For testing, I directed users through the usage of both the digital and physical prototype for finding a scooter and "riding" to their destination. Testing participants must have ridden a scooter 5 times in the last 3 months and have at least 1 scooter app on their phones. 

Tested Hypothesis: Introducing a feature providing digital navigation as well as physical signals for following the navigation, will greatly improve the convenience of the scooter experience.

IMG_7726 (1).HEIC
IMG_7843 (1).jpg

key insights

Users distrust integrated map apps

Locating scooters with sufficient battery for a route is important

To encourage usage of navigation features, the connection between app and scooter must be well communicated

Users want the ability to see their choices - whether it be the scooter or route

It's difficult to use phone during ride and many users said they would pull over to check maps

final prototype designs (for now)

For the most recent designs below, considerations were made to avoid adding yet another public electric scooter brand to the market as the burden already exists around having to check multiple scooter brand apps. Instead, the app would act as an aggregator for all the scooter brands within the user's area. Additionally, the physical prototype was altered from a new scooter type to an attachment for current scooters. 

Physical Prototype Design
Scoot Scoot Final Presentation  (1).png
Digital Prototype Design
Untitled design (3).png

Brand Mission

scoot scoot, the first-ever scooter navigation experience, delivers intuitive and personalized ride and route recommendations. We provide riders with the most efficient scooter and route to get them where they're going safely and quickly.

Scoot Scoot Brand Style Guide (2).png
Scoot Scoot Final Presentation  (2).png

Try it yourself!

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