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Radiate Works

Radiate Works brings a fresh perspective to the boutique consulting firm space. Founders Melissa Carrier and Elizabeth Benefield bring over 3 decades of experience in corporate innovation, social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and philanthropic giving. With investors becoming increasingly interested in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, Radiate Works prepares the next generation of leaders to do better business bydoing good for the world.


Melissa and Elizabeth sought outside expertise to co-create an authentic brand identity capturing Radiate Works’ unapologetically feminine, human-centered, asset-based approach.Throughout the process, we gained deeper insights into the future clientele, refined Radiate Works’ value proposition and cultivated regional brand awareness.


User Research, Visual Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, UX/UI Design


Radiate Works


12 Weeks

alignment activities

The project began with facilitating an interactive kickoff meeting in which we align on Mission, Vision, and Brand Positioning.Our clients shared company information, visual brand preferences and competitor information.


We utilized a word cloud and card sorting activity to find alignment of how Radiate Works wants their clients to think of their brand before and after working with them. 

Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 12.39.18 PM.png
Card Sort for Mission, Vision, and Brand Positioning
Radiate Works - Kickoff 6.11 7.png
moodboard co-creation

Based on the kickoff meeting alignment, multiple moodboards were curated to begin creating Radiate Works' visual brand identity. 


Radiate works provided feedback on moodboards and together we co-created a finalized moodboard. This final moodboard was then shown to potential Radiate Works client's to test their perception of the brand.

Moodboard for Interviews.png
testing hypotheses 

​When showing these moodboards to potential Radiate Works clients we asked the following questions to test our hypothesis:

  • What would your expectations be from Radiate Works?

  • What would you expect from the brand?

  • How would you want to interact with them?

What potential clients said

"It kind of draws you in. I feel like I'm about to embark on my hero's journey. Like you're about to go through a transformation."
card sorted values

We also asked these potential clients to sort proposed brand values from most important to least important. The 5 values below rose to the top of importance when these potential clients interpreted the moodboard.


Being accountable for the results and show you're different from the old ways of working.


In this global environment that can change quickly, need to be action oriented and make a change to get results.


Expected, but still important


Through collaboration we get insight

Creative &


Roll with what they're hearing and learning within the organization

branding iteration

Low-fidelity and mid-fidelity brand iterations were used to rapidly iterate around the creation of a logo and other supporting visuals. These iterations were constantly shared with Radiate Works to recieve feedback and co-create a final visual brand identity. 

Brand Style Guide
brand application

Upon establishing a final brand identity, we extending the branding into the website design. This process again required rapid iteration and co-creation sessions with Radiate Works. In receiving feedback early and often, we were able create a brand identity and brand applications resonating not only with Radiate Works but also with their potential clients. 

Client Testimony

"Fiercely authentic. Insightful. Bold. Outrageously talented. The dynamic duo of Meg VanDeusen and Adeline Krieger brought our vision for Radiate Works to life. They listened carefully to our words and emotions to craft the most beautiful expression of our goals and aspirations. Their keen reading of our areas of expertise and their interpretation of our complex vision rounded out a balanced, compelling and refined brand. They are patient, thoughtful and intuitive, and make a simply genius pair. Meg and Adeline are the real deal."



-Elizabeth Benefield & Melissa Carrier, Co-Founders of Radiate Works, LLC

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