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Design Lab is an experiential course where we explored unmet needs in the senior care industry by connecting with leading experts in the field, doing background research and conducting interviews. We dove deep into the problem through primary and secondary research, understanding existing solutions and competitors, a stakeholder analysis and a detailed market analysis through customer segmentation and discovery. We applied principles of ideation, design thinking and user-centered design to develop the winning concepts and develop a prototype that was tested for commercialization in the second part of the course.


Patient-Centered Design, Product Commercialization 


Case Study


16 Weeks

Phase 1: Design Lab
Phase 2: Commercializing Discovery
evaluating existing solutions

We mapped existing solutions across four dimensions, (1) Primary Objective, (2) Novelty and Specificity, (3) Cost and Access, and (4) Location of Delivery. Many existing solutions focus on secondary prevention including early detection of risk and mitigation of physical hazards. Unfortunately, most older adults aren't utilizing these existing solutions.

Our hypothesis: Existing solutions are not aligned with demand and access factors such as:

  • Low perception of susceptibility to falls and injury

  • Stigma associated with aging and certain solutions

  • Fear of performing activities that might lead to falls

  • Lack of transportation to access services

  • Cost and insurance coverage

High-fidelity prototype with overview of key features
Feasibility and Viability