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Dala Rebrand

Dala is a female-founded mindfulness start-up helping women build sustainable mindfulness routines through personalized product recommendations and guidance.


Rebrand Strategy, UX/UI Design, Visual Brand Identity 




2 Year Project

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Mindfulness has never been so prevalent as it is today with today's emphasis on mental health. However, mindfulness products and services tend to be confusing and overwhelming due to the wealth of information shared on the internet. Targeting consumers already in the mindfulness community wasn't working for Inner Mandala Medicine (IMM) as these consumers typically look to friends and well-known resources for their information. IMM needed to rebrand and reposition their products to capitalize on the new consumers entering the market. 

brand positioning

Dala delivers tangible integrative practices designed for the uniqueness of your mandala (life) to aid in the skill of self-mentorship, cultivating confidence and awareness to the natural unfolding of your everyday life and everyday self.



Positioning Idea

Key Point of Differentiation

Brand Personality

Reason to Believe

Women are seeking mindfulness but integrative medicine can be intimidating and confusing.

Mindfulness can be an easy daily routine, as simple and necessary as brushing your teeth.

Sustainable mindfulness for the unique self.

Approachable, trusted, authentic, contemporary, uplifting, trend forward.

Offers a personalized ‘home base’ for clients providing a simple and tangible approach to our offerings and integrative healing.

target segmentation
Educated & Inclined
Mindset & 

They may already have a mindfulness routine that works for them but are open to learning more. They always validates the facts behind mindfulness products and services before using them.

Open-Minded & Curious

Have heard of holistic and integrated healing such as meditation and crystals. They are open-minded and curious about integrated medicine but are confused by the options that currently exist.

Disinclined & Skeptical

They are skeptical of holistic and integrated medicine and are hesitant to try any products or services. They believe modern medicine is the only effective method for healing.


Gain Awareness

Build Credibility

Product Education

Gain Awareness


Product Education

Gain Awareness



Through this rebrand, Dala became strategically positioned to act as the go-to-source for women seeking holistic healing for various symptoms. Dala caters to those consumers who are overwhelmed by the plethora of information on the internet about mindfulness, through a new simplistic visual brand identity, interactive website and engaging social media feed, Dala provides women with personalized product recommendations to address their specific needs. Beyond product recommendations, Dala focuses on providing women with guidance for more sustainable practices allowing women to remain consistent in their mindfulness routines to ensure customers experience the optimal results. 

Previous Branding
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Dala Branding
Graphic Designer:

UX/UI Design

When designing Dala's new website, I conducted user interviews and usability testing. It was clear the search for holistic healing practices was initiated by the self-awareness of a specific symptom. Dala's website allows users to drive their own search through pairing practices and symptoms. Each offering clearly indicates which symptoms it addresses. When needed, product education is broken into digestible sections geared at helping users understand how these practices can address their personal challenges. 

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