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Rust-Oleum Color Watch

Feeling confident about your color choices is easy with Rust-Oleum. We aim to inspire and empower you to choose the right hues, whether you’re updating a piece of furniture or updating an entire room. Through the launch of the Color Watch program, Rust-Oleum builds credibility by acting as the color expert in the aerosol category, drives consumer awareness & confidence in color selection and inspires & influences consumer purchase decisions. 


Communications & Social Media Strategy, Branding Strategy


Internal Project


3 Months

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 4.06.59 PM.png

I actively advocated for the user when designing a first-ever, consumer facing, color of the year program. Through quantitative data and ethnographies, I learned color is the number one determining factor when shopping for spray paint. Initially, there was push- back from upper management who were concerned about pursuing a program without a retailer initially backing the effort. However, to provide consumers with the color trend guidance they were seeking, I knew this program needed to come from the brand's voice instead of one specific retailer. Since there were limited benchmark programs, I relied on the user insight data to support the need for this program and was able to persuade upper management to provide a budget for the development of the new program.

created content

By creating new content for these colors, I was able to create a curated look and feel for the campaign.


Content should embody the values of inspiration and approachability. The content should exude possibility to the consumer. Projects should be attainable for consumers new to spray paint, yet still inspire spray paint loyalists. Content must communicate a "lived in" space allowing the consumers to see themselves in the space created.

video teaser

This color forward fast paced video incorporates the following elements

  • Emphasizes Color Watch is a SPRAY PAINT program

  • Highlights each color and color name (we know consumers shop for color first before any other attribute)

  • Gives real-life inspirational project examples

launch support

We are excited to announce the 2019 Color Watch Colors of the Year! Pink Peony, Fire Red, Tuscan Sun, Silver Lilac, Smokey Beige, Deep Forest, Midnight Blue, Coastal Gray and Metallic Bronze lead the way for trending bright colors and new neutrals. Feel confident that you can transform anything with Rust-Oleum spray paint. #ColorWatch19


Tap into your confidence with an “I can do this” attitude. Rust-Oleum’s 2019 Color Watch Colors of the Year will inspire you to express yourself. #ColorWatch19


Announcing our 2019 Color Watch Colors of the Year! A lively mix of bright colors and new neutrals will entice your creative side. #ColorWatch19

color highlights

Are you ready to refresh your home? This richer version of the classic nautical navy, Midnight Blue, exudes depth, serenity and stability. The cool, contemporary color is complemented by new neutrals in our Color Watch palette. We know you’ll find a color you love! #ColorWatch19


They’re going to ask, “Where did you buy that?” You get to say, “I didn’t. I made it.” Rust-Oleum’s 2019 Color Watch Colors of the Year will empower your “can-do” attitude with projects like this Midnight Blue chair. #ColorWatch19


Approachability, confidence and pride. That’s what you’ll find in our 2019 Color Watch Palette of the Year. As a richer version of the classic nautical navy, Midnight Blue exudes depth, serenity and stability as a cool, contemporary color. #ColorWatch19

gateway projects

Focusing on Gateway projects allows Rust-Oleum to attract those new users looking for quick and simple projects. These small projects act as the “gateway” to larger projects. Consumers learn how easy spray painting can be and are inspired to pursue more complex projects.


The website will act as a go to guide for spray paint color selection and inspiration. The web will include

  • Project inspiration and project how-tos

  • What makes Rust-Oleum the leader in Spray Paint color development

  • “Meet the Colors” color scroll tool

  • Links direct to product pages

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 7.11.58 PM.png
Color Tool GIF.gif
consumer brochure

The consumer brochure will focus on project inspiration and color. This brochure will also list SKU numbers to allow for use with customers as well at trade shows and act as a selling tool for sales.

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